Everett, or EO, is a lifelong Chicagoland resident who grew up in an impoverished neighborhood. Born in 1980, life threw adversity at him at a young age. His father passed when he was a small child. Due to the untimely loss, his home was lacking a strong male leader. EO innately understood that his mission to manhood would nearly be accomplished single-handedly.

EO began his tutelage in sales after high school. Bouncing around retail opportunities, he became a million-dollar performer for a top-tier company. Later, he was recruited as an outside consultant under a small up-and-coming establishment, where he assessed problem areas and created winning solutions. Revenue skyrocketed under his tenure there.

After leaving that company, Everett has been a master of sales and have set the benchmark in every industry since. He began to use the lessons of sales in the dating game. In sales, just like in the dating game, you learn to listen, examine body language, communicate, and understand what it takes to be successful when dealing with people. ‍

EO believes that wisdom comes with experience. With more than 20 years of continued success, you can count on coaching from him to benefit yourself. Investing in yourself is the key to unlocking your successful future. Whether it is dating, career, money, or any other aspect that you need to improve in your lifestyle, trust Everett to help you get to the apex that you so vastly desire.

Everett’s mission as your personal life coach is to promote individual growth in all aspects of your life (love, career, money, spirituality, family, etc.). He lives what he teaches to his clients and have found immense success. EO wants to share his knowledge with others and provide you with honesty and the tools to better yourself. ‍

He will be there to support, plan, enlighten, and challenge you to help you achieve your goals and visions even if they may change along the way. Everett is always just an email away. Let’s go!